Meet Our Team


Laura Hammon Nunn, Pest Control Specialist

I moved here to Bozeman to get away from the Silicon Valley chaos, and I love it here. The fresh Montanan air and wide-open spaces are just what I need! Insects, arachnids, and all things "bug" are my passion and a big part of my profession. I have followed my buggie passion through three different states, and two different countries. I have worked in pest control since 2007 in many different roles: I have been a field technician, researched insecticides in the lab, and even specialized in bed bugs for 6 years. Now that I am here in Bozeman, I spend my time exploring the natural beauty, and doing what I can to help you with your pest control needs!

Jeff Pfeil, Owner

As many of you know I started Bozeman Tree in 2000 after moving here from Cincinnati to finish college at M.S.U. Here it is already 19 years later and so much has changed. Through the changes and growth, I have tried very hard to maintain perspective and remember who we are. At home, my two sons Kaleb and Oliver are the primary focus of my wife, Jirina, and I. Oliver turns 8 and Kaleb turns 13 at the end of the year. Kaleb is already starting to talk about coming to work with me and “working alongside you” someday. What more could a guy really ask for!